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Time Series Database? APM? Feature Flags?You’ve got our attention.

We at Girls Write Tech specialize in writing content in the tech industry. We’ve written content for various companies that specialize in feature flags as a service, application performance management and time series database. If you’re looking to add more expert content to your site then you’ve come to the right place. Hit us up!

Published Work

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Split is a feature flags platform designed to help development teams rollout features without worrying about bugs that can delay an entire release. We’ve written Splits full glossary on all things Feature Flags, Observability and Experimentation. 

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InfluxDB is an open-source time series database developed by InfluxData, written in Go and optimized for fast, high-availability storage and retrieval of time series data. We’ve written multiple blog posts on what a time series database is and what it’s best used for, as well some technical papers.

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Codemotion is an Italian based platform that improves developers’ professional growth by connecting IT professionals, tech communities and companies. Check out our blog post on Troubleshooting & Debugging Microservices.

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Visualmodo helps create a better user experience on the web by making awesome and modern WordPress themes with advanced functionality and great support. Check out our blog post on Observability and Monitoring.


About Girls Write Tech

Girls Write Tech is made up of a few girls who love writing about technology. We specialize in different sectors of technology. 

Our Approach


We research companies that either specialize in the space or write about one of the sectors of technology that we specialize in. 

Reach Out

We then find someone to contact and we reach out to them. We let people know about our passion for writing about tech and send over some samples.  


Once we all agree on what the topic will be and how long the piece should be we get to the real work – writing the piece of content.

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